AZUNOSA promotes the rule of law, respect of human rights and rural development - February 24th 2014

Azucarera del Norte S.A. (AZUNOSA) confirms its commitment to fully comply with the text and the spirit of the Agrarian Reform Law in Honduras and that its agro-industrial activities are in line with global standards of social responsibility.Furthermore, AZUNOSA has a number of initiatives that are complementary to the development of Honduran small farmers’ livelihoods and sustainability practices.

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AZUNOSA's Statement

Azucarera del Norte S.A. (AZUNOSA) has come to know of statements made through online media associating it with a traffic accident that took place on Saturday August 10th and which resulted in the unfortunate death of Mr. Felix Corea.

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AZUNOSA’s Statement Regarding Land Appropriation

AZUNOSA admonishes the recent land grab attempts in its property which has contributed to a decline in day to day operations, affecting the 3,000 workers and 13,000 families who depend on the mill. AZUNOSA’s lands have been acquired legally and have been ratified by state authorities as the rightful property of the company. Since 1979, the lands have always been fully cultivated and in service of the rural community.

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